Franchise FAQs

Setup costs to become a Juiced Life franchisee at greenfield sites start at $200,000 + GST for kiosks, and $300,000 + GST for cafes or commercial kitchens with shopfronts. Costs will vary depending on the site and location and will be confirmed during the application process.

Alternatively if you're interested in buying an existing Juiced Life establishment, costs start at $250,000 + GST inclusive of training and franchise transfer fees.

Please note there will be other costs you will need to account for as well, such as supplying a bank guarantee to the landlord in accordance with the lease terms for the site. During the application process we'll help you understand all of the costs you need to be aware of.

What separates us from the rest is our low franchise fee rate of only 5% of gross sales, which also covers group marketing.  This rate is significantly lower than many other franchises you'll find elsewhere.

We won’t be able to provide you with definitive return on investment figures as your ROI will depend on many variables such as the sales and expenses of your franchise, which in turn vary significantly depending on your franchise location and how you choose to operate your store. Generally we recommend that Juiced Life franchises be owner-operated to maximise your potential ROI.

During the application process we will help you assess the potential performance of your franchise based on the performance of existing stores at similar sites and supply you our existing store financial statistics. As with any major investment, we also strongly advise that you obtain your own independent financial advice as part of your due diligence activities before proceeding with the franchise purchase.

Typically, the application process will take approximately 8-12 weeks from the time of submitting your expression of interest to then finalising and signing your franchise legal documents. Following your 21 day cooling off period, you can expect the process from your store's design and fitout, through to your training and commencement of trading to take a further 12-16 weeks.

You're welcome to propose a location and/or site for your franchise store that's not listed on the Juiced Life Franchise webpage, but please note the franchise application process may take a little longer in such cases as the Juiced Life Franchising Team will need additional time to assess your proposed location and/or sites.

The $10,000 franchise application deposit is used to cover the costs of preparing the franchise legal documents and is therefore non-refundable once the Juiced Life Franchising Team has commenced preparing the documents.

The deposit paid upon signing the franchise legal documents (10% of the franchise price) is refundable in the event you change your mind in regards to the franchise purchase within the 21 day cooling off period, in accordance with the Franchising Code of Conduct. This deposit is no longer refundable once the cooling off period has concluded.