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  • The guy who runs the Rundle Mall/SA store has been nothing short of amazing with providing next level customer service, obliging my dietary requests, and always up for a friendly chat on delivery day. The juices have genuinely changed my life, I feel energised, stronger and healthier. Now more than ever it's imperative to support local businesses and this store and their products are the best.
  • I just finished my 7 day Juice Cleanse and what an amazing experience. I did the Fresh start so juice only for the whole 7 days and they are delicious. There’s different juices and smoothies everyday and I feel so light, I can think clearly and surprisingly I have energy. I’ve lost close to 5kgs and my mood has lifted so much. Thanks so much for offering a great service. Something I’ll definitely be doing again.
  • you guys are amazing, thankyou for your guidance, I started my revitalising program 4 days ago, I do not eat fruit, here i am 4 days in, feeling fabulous, not hungry, 2kg lighter & even got hubby onto this, your support is above and beyond, thanks guys
  • Great products and great taste! Awesome service and the staff vibe is very friendly and supportive. A great health initiative overall with a huge variety of highly nutritious smoothie options to try out!
  • Very friendly staff, every time I have been there I received fantastic service, the staff take time out of their day to have a chat which is always appreciated. Now, the Juices.. what can I say always fresh and the taste to go along with it. Highly recommend to everyone who wants to give it a try. Keep up the good work!
  • Delicious and healthy smoothies. More nutritious than other juice stores.
  • I come here nearly every day before I pop into work and not once have I been disappointed. All the staff are friendly and they always provide exceptional customer service. I have enjoyed every juice/smoothie I have tried and the snacks they have are good as well. I'm pretty sure I have gotten my sister hooked to Juiced Life too!
  • As soon as I arrived I was greeted by such energetic, enthusiastic and friendly staff. It was so clear they loved the brand and their job. I wish I grabbed their names cause they were great. They talked me through their menu and what they were all about by two staff members. I said it was my first time there and was given 10% off and a protein ball. The smoothie and protein ball were amazing. I honestly can't wait to go back. Keep doing what you're doing guys. It was a great experience. See you soon.
  • I come here everyday to get my juice/smoothie and go back at lunch to get my mango chia pudding. The service is out of this world. Obviously I've become a regular and have never been disappointed with the food and drinks.