3 Steps for the Healthy Way to Break a Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses are a tool that can be used to refresh your digestive system, detox your body and fight long-term chronic disease. Coming out of a juice cleanse, however, requires just as much care as the juice cleanse itself. Going too hard, too soon, with a wide range of foods and liquids can lead directly to digestive problems, nausea and fatigue. 

To set yourself up for a successful juice cleanse, it’s necessary to plan for the end of it. Read on to discover the healthy approach necessary to breaking your fast and successfully resuming a regular eating schedule.


Avoid returning to old habits

There may have been old dietary habits you were looking to break the circuit on by undergoing a juice cleanse. If this is the case, it’s important not to return to the habits that may not be serving you. 

Spend some time on the mental work necessary to consider what it is you’re fuelling your body with and why. If your eating habits haven’t been serving you, a juice cleanse can also be a great time to consider these in greater detail, paying attention to how your body is responding to shifting nutrients. 

This may look like meal prepping, adopting some new recipes, and considering your overall nutritional needs as you emerge from your juice cleanse.

Focus on your key takeaway lessons

How do you feel physically, mentally and emotionally? What role does food play in your life? How are your energy and focus levels? 

Juice cleanses are highly personal experiences, with each individual going through their own physiological and emotional response to a cleanse. Some people discover that their body responds better to a different eating pattern, or that daily juices help to activate their energy and digestive system. 

Whatever you’ve discovered about yourself and your needs during your juice cleanse, carry them with you once it’s completed. Make the most of these lessons by jotting down notes throughout your cleanse as to how you’re feeling. This can become a resource that serves to inform how you approach your post-cleanse normal in a considered and intuitive way.

Introduce thoughtful meals post-cleanse

While it may feel tempting to run straight for a burger after a cleanse, your body needs to adjust to an increased daily intake through a carefully scaled approach. You may find that your body is craving protein on the back of a juice cleanse. Low-fat dairy is a great source of protein immediately after a cleanse, and you might also consider easily digestible plant-based proteins like nut butters, seeds and legumes. 

It’s also important to start with soft foods, slowly making your way back to more solid foods. These foods are easily digestible and will be gentle on your stomach as it adjusts back to a regular diet. Foods such as Greek yoghurt, mashed potatoes and soups are gentle ways to return to solids. 

Mindful portions will also help your body adjust as it eases from a juice cleanse back to a normal eating pattern. By keeping your portions small, you can give your stomach the time it needs in that adjustment. 


Juice cleanses are highly useful tools that can increase energy, improve wellbeing, detox integral bodily systems and increase longevity. By equipping yourself to ease out of them, you can set yourself up to make the most of this cleanse experience. Find out more about our juice cleanses and see how your body feels!