In the event you find that your products are spoilt/rancid or breaches a consumer guarantee immediately upon purchasing and picking up in-store, we will exchange your products upon presentation of your proof of purchase. This applies to products purchased in-store, except for cleanse programs which are subject to the conditions listed under 'Online Purchases'.

No refunds or exchanges will be given in the event of a change of mind following an in-store purchase.



When purchasing products through the Juiced Life online store that are not intended to be consumed immediately (such as cleanse programs), the customer acknowledges that the Juiced Life products are highly perishable, and is responsible for:

  • Ensuring either someone is present to receive the products during the scheduled delivery time, or the products are picked up in-store on time (whichever applies);
  • Ensuring the products are stored in suitable refrigeration conditions as soon as possible after the products have been delivered or picked up in-store; and
  • Ensuring the products are consumed as per the instructions on our website.

Further information can be found in Delivery & Pickup.

If you find that the products you purchased through the online store are spoilt/rancid following pickup or delivery, and can demonstrate that you have complied with all requirements above, we will exchange your products. If the products are otherwise spoilt as a result of non-compliance with these requirements, and they have been supplied by Juiced Life according to the pickup or delivery timing you agreed to, Juiced Life will not refund your purchase.

No refunds will be given in the event of a change of mind for online purchases. We will, however, do whatever we can to assist if this situation occurs. If you contact us with at least 1 days' notice before your products are due to be made, Juiced Life may, at its discretion, offer to exchange your products.

In extremely rare circumstances if a refund is approved the fees will be in accordance with the subscription refund and cancellation fees (see below)



If you have signed up to an ongoing subscription and decide to request a cancellation before the 3 payment period minimum as per our terms and conditions then you will be charged the following:

  1. The discounted amount you received on the subscription to date
  2. A $15 administration fee to organise the cancellation of the subscription.
  3. Delivery Fee will not be refunded.

Note: The subscription will only be cancelled once the fees are paid. If it is not paid in time and another subscription amount is debited, there will be an additional $15 administration fee for the refund of that one.


Orders placed using Afterpay may take a little longer to refund. Once we've confirmed that a refund is due, we will immediately send a notification to Afterpay of your refund. Afterpay will then immediately cancel any future payments and initiate a refund of any paid instalments to date to your nominated payment card. Once Afterpay has completed this process, your refund will be received in line with your financial institution's timeframe.