• Alkaline Water

    Alkaline water might just be the best anti-stress item in your fridge. More than ever, we’re stressed. Our minds are overly busy and worried, our bodies are tired and toxic and we think we’re handling it all “just fine”. But we’re not. This is why. Stress, negative emotions, anxiety, alcohol, sug... View Post
  • Ways to naturally boost your immunity

    We are exposed to bacteria, viruses and a host of other pathogens in our air, by contacting surfaces, and exposure to other people. While anti-biotics are great at killing bacterial infections, what can you do about the other nasties?The common cold is caused by over 200 viruses present all aroun... View Post
  • Creating Healthy Habits

    Maintaining a steady and balanced diet not only supports weight control but also physical & mental function. Weight loss has become a world-wide obsession; however it doesn’t necessarily indicate health. While we wear our fat on the outside for everyone to see, there is so much more to being ... View Post