• What to Eat When You're Sick

    USING FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AS MODERN MEDICINE: WHAT TO EAT WHEN YOU'RE SICK We are exposed to bacteria, viruses and a host of other pathogens in the air by contact with surfaces and exposure to other people. While antibiotics are great at killing bacterial infections, what can you do about the o... View Post
  • Winter Hydration

    WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO STAY HYDRATED IN WINTER Winter is hibernation season when we tend to stay indoors with the heater on. If we aren’t exercising, we are unlikely to be sweating, so our thirst may not be as evident. However, our cells still require the same amount of fluids as during summer. R... View Post
  • Why Juice?

    WHY JUICE? Juicing gives you lots of concentrated vitamins & minerals in a tasty, convenient form made from fruit & vegetables. No additives. No preservatives. Made fresh for you. Best to sip slowly on your juice so your digestive system can absorb the nutrients. Replace just one snack ea... View Post