• Are You Summer Ready?

    It might still feel like mid-Winter, but Summer’s just around the corner and you’ll want to look and feel your best. Don’t fret, we’re on to it. How about a new 5 day cleanse pack specifically designed for detoxing and weight loss? Better body, better mind! The popularity of Intermittent Fasting ... View Post
  • Combine and Win

    Right now is the time to start feeling better. Eating healthier can begin today and it’s easier than you think. Ditch the rice or pasta for lunch as it will weigh you down all afternoon and you know you’ll be yawning within the hour. Why not pick up a Juiced Life combo meal instead? These ... View Post
  • Celery Juice is on the Menu, Seriously?

    Celery is well known for weight loss but what’s the sudden interest in celery juice? Our customers have asked, and we’ve delivered. They want straight celery juice, both stalks and leaves, nothing else. Now if you haven’t tried it, celery juice is quite an acquired taste, so it’s usually offered ... View Post