• Celery Juice is on the Menu, Seriously?

    Celery is well known for weight loss but what’s the sudden interest in celery juice? Our customers have asked, and we’ve delivered. They want straight celery juice, both stalks and leaves, nothing else. Now if you haven’t tried it, celery juice is quite an acquired taste, so it’s usually offered ... View Post
  • New Winter Products

    Brand New Soups Our new Thai Carrot Ginger soup is bursting with fresh vegetables to nourish your body and your soul. Carrots are well-known for eyesight, but they are also full of phenolic compounds which act as anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-oxidants. Carrots help reduce risk of age-r... View Post
  • Mum Deserves the Best

    Stay away from cleaning products. Forget a new vacuum. And no more chocolate as Easter feels like it was only yesterday. Want to show your Mother some real love and appreciation? She values time with the family (that's you) and her health so why not combine the two? Choosing a cleanse pack of jui... View Post