Our Story


Why Choose Juiced Life

The Juiced Life story begins with the common cold. One of the Juiced Life founders had a weak immune system throughout his childhood and teens and was more susceptible to catching whatever illness was going around.

A friend suggested he try blending his own juices to help improve his general health. He tried random combinations of fruit and vegetables every day and over time began feeling better. He had more energy, more mental clarity and found juicing helped strengthened his immune system. But he felt that more could be done.

He decided to look further into juicing which led him to consult a Nutritionist, who worked with him to achieve a more targeted approach towards tapping into the health benefits of juicing. The Nutritionist worked with him to design some recipes and he found they were even more effective, and tastier, than his own prior attempts.

He continued his research, where he noticed that most of the juices available on the market were full nasties such as refined sugar and preservatives and that they were focused more on taste than health. After seeing this he decided to share his new-found knowledge by creating a full range of products that would be both nutritionally balanced and great tasting and also by committing to making a positive difference in people's attitude towards a healthier lifestyle.

From there Juiced Life was born.