Alkaline Water

Alkaline water might just be the best anti-stress item in your fridge.

More than ever, we’re stressed. Our minds are overly busy and worried, our bodies are tired and toxic and we think we’re handling it all “just fine”. But we’re not. This is why.

Stress, negative emotions, anxiety, alcohol, sugar, red meat, processed foods (and most protein, legumes and sweeteners) create acidity in our bodies. These are the things that are so prevalent day-to-day. And yet physiologically, we need to keep each organ within a rather narrow pH range to be healthy. So we sacrifice alkalising minerals from elsewhere in the body (like the bones) to buffer the excess acidity. But this buffering ability is limited.

Tiredness, weight gain, poor immunity to disease, cancer (thrives in acidic environments) and low bone density are just some of the indications that your buffering ability isn’t sufficient.

We can alkalise our bodies with alkaline food (mainly non-protein) such as colourful vegetables, almonds, celery, cinnamon, cacao, coconut, kiwi fruit, lemon, quinoa (US Dept Ag). Arthritis and gout sufferers have traditionally used celery juice to alkalise the body and help remove uric acid. Many decades ago, an alkalising diet made up of more F & V than processed foods has been shown to reduce chronic back pain. Simple, right?

Apart from eating a predominantly vegetarian diet (which not everyone is willing to do), alkaline water can support the liver and kidneys in eliminating excess acids. Alkaline water contains a higher ratio of alkalising minerals (calcium, potassium, sodium, potassium) [ref] than plain water. This helps maintain hydration of all bodily systems and supply vital minerals for healthy pH regulation and regular immune support.

By simply replacing your regular water with alkaline water, you'll help your body eradicate the acidic effects of stress and poor lifestyle choices.