With only a week left of winter, it’s time to think about stepping outside into warmer, longer days. While much of the cold weather is over, Spring is also a time when unexpected sickness can send us back into hibernation. So how do we ease out of Winter lock-down?

Drink plenty of fluids. Warm or room-temperature are best to support your energy levels. Fluids also help detox those winter wastes and promote regular elimination. Warm herbal teas and light nourishing drinks are your go-to now. Turmeric Latte, vegan Hot Chocolate and Matcha Latte are our latest offerings to beat the winter blues.

Avoid processed sugars -even raw sugar and artificial sweeteners. Intensely sweet foods have been shown to influence decisions for our next meal, and it’s easy to ride the sugar roundabout. Concentrated sugars give us a huge rise in energy but don’t supply valuable nutrients, so they effectively strip our bodies of the good stuff. This means we take in extra calories, without any real benefit, and then wonder why we get sick and fat. Consume naturally sweet foods like fresh fruit, raw cashews, sweet potato, liquorice root tea or add some cinnamon to your meals to satisfy your craving.

And don’t forget your friendly gut bacteria! They are relying on your wise food choices to live. When your bacteria are happy and well fed, research shows that your brain works better, you’ll suffer fewer aches & pains, your immunity is stronger, and your moods and behaviour are more user-friendly. Fibre and other pre-biotics are what our bacteria like. The fibre in fresh fruit & vegetables (like in our blended juices), and in particular bananas, asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, leeks, garlic, oats all keep our bacteria (and therefore us) healthier and happier.