The isolation and sedentary lifestyle of lockdown have left us feeling down and a little sluggish. Now is the time to pick ourselves back up again and cleanse our bodies and minds. Try our top 5 tips for a post-lockdown health reset.



You've heard it before, and you'll hear it again because it's vital for good health and wellbeing. Down to a cellular level, our bodies depend on being well-hydrated to operate effectively. Water helps flush our lymphatic system - our body's natural filter to remove toxins. A well-detoxed body has stronger immunity, glowing skin, bright eyes, reduced cellulite, better sleep and more energy.

We recommend drinking 3L of quality filtered water per day.

TIP: keep a glass of water next to your bed. Upon waking, down a glass of water and start your detox process before even getting up each morning!


Buddy up

Detox your soul with some social connection. Being accountable to a friend is a great way to increase your success and have fun in the process. Find a like-minded buddy to cleanse, meal prep, attend classes or work out with. Even if you spent time staying fit with online workouts during lockdown, having a friend to meet up with and socialise together while getting healthy makes it so much more fun and likely to stick with long term.

TIP: Establish a regular routine with a friend. You'll feel obligated to get up and get going because you won't want to let your friend down on the plans.


Increase the veggies

Vegetables should be the predominant food group in our diets, but this is just not the case for most of us. And if the thought of bowls of salads and steamed vegetables meal after meal after meal feels overwhelming, consider drinking vegetable juices and smoothies. It's an easy and delicious way to increase your intake of vital nutrients.


Satiate cravings with healthy alternatives

Deprivation diets are unsustainable. Instead, substitute treats with healthy options and stay on track longer. Juices and smoothies will satisfy your cravings, and added protein will keep you from reaching for the junk! Opt for low fructose fruits, kombucha or protein balls made from natural ingredients. Your sweet tooth will be satiated without compromising on your digestion, gut health and overall wellbeing.


Try a cleanse

If you're looking for a serious kick-start to shift your body and mind, try a cleanse program. Juiced Life offers a range of cleanses to suit your unique tastes, lifestyle and preferences. The benefits of a cleanse include:

  • There's no guesswork. Simply follow the program to feel the benefits.
  • Ramp up your nutrient intake with fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Give your digestive system a rest from hard-to-process foods like gluten, dairy and meats.
  • In consuming juices and no other food for 3 to 7 days, you provide your body exactly what it craves, without the need for heavy digestion. With less oxidation, it also gives your body a chance to concentrate on repairing cells.

Incorporate these 5 top tips into your post-lockdown life and feel the benefits of reduced bloating, discomfort and lethargy. Increase energy levels, enjoy glowing skin and a happier, healthier body, mind and soul. For more ideas, tips and cleansing products, shop Juiced Life today and get started on your detoxing and wellness journey.