5 Daily Habits to Promote Longevity and Good Health

It’s easier than you may think to enhance your wellbeing, health and longevity. With the general population living longer than ever, it’s vital that we also focus on living better. Support your longevity with these 5 daily habits listed below.

Drink water

Hydration is key to supporting cell function, mental clarity, the lymphatic system and detoxification. Eight glasses (or two litres) a day of filtered water is recommended, and more if you are doing vigorous exercise or living in a hot climate.

TIP: Start each day with warm water and add a squeeze of lemon for extra antioxidants. Experiment with herbal teas throughout the day to up your hydration levels.


Gentle daily stretching has a broad range of benefits, including increased flexibility, joint mobility and range of motion, improved posture, increased blood flow and stress relief.

As we age, muscles weaken, and joints stiffen, affecting everyday movements like walking up stairs, getting out of bed, bending and generally feeling vital and energised. Simply incorporating a short stretch routine into your daily practice will help keep joints lubricated and the blood flowing.



Stress is one of the biggest contributors to premature aging. Meditation is a very effective tool to increase a sense of calm and boost coping strategies for life’s inevitable challenges.

There are many meditation techniques, including breath work, moving meditations, mindfulness, visualisation and Vedic meditation.

TIP: Remember that there’s no “right” way to meditate. Explore the various meditation practices and don’t feel despondent if your mind wanders or if your energy feels scattered or agitated. The simple act of practicing meditation is the key to receiving its benefits.

Break your fast with a liquid vitamin boost


Whether it’s your daily breakfast or the end of intermittent fasting or extended cleanses, the best foods to break a fast on are fruits, followed closely by vegetables. They are dense in nutrients, easy to digest and high in water content. Quality fruit and vegetable juices are ideal to kickstart your body functions and optimise vitamin absorption.

TIP: Make life easy and increase your chance of sticking to your new healthy habit by drinking JuicedLife juices. Expertly prepared, our delicious juices are beautifully balanced and nutrient-dense. Save the mess, worry and mental load of juicing your own ingredients at home each day. You may even like to kickstart your new regime with a juice cleanse program.



Scientists have discovered just how precious sleep really is when it comes to health, wellbeing and longevity. Prioritise sleep, and stick to a regular bedtime, ideally one that closely resembles the rise and fall of the sun and daylight hours.

TIP: There are a number of easy ways to boost good sleep. Try to:

  • wake up at the same time each day;
  • avoid screens and blue light at least 2 hours prior to going to sleep (and try blue-blocker glasses);
  • head outside into natural sunlight in the morning; 
  • make your bedroom a clutter-free and screen-free sanctuary;
  • exercise daily; and
  • have a sleep ritual - perhaps it’s a bath, lavender essential oils, gentle stretches, reading a book or journaling. 

By incorporating these 5 simple habits, you will feel the immediate benefits of improved health and wellbeing. You’re also setting yourself up to experience ongoing health and longevity for a better, more active future. It’s hard to argue with that!