Baby it’s cold outside

Winter might not be the time of year when you’re thinking of juices. You want warm, comfy food that will give you a hug from the inside. But this is the season that fresh juices come into their own.
As the winds turn cold (it’s an early ski season this year), our natural barriers like skin and mucous membrane find it harder to protect us against intruders. It’s easy to ignore thirst signals during winter so these first lines of defence become dehydrated and pathogens get in.
Our immune system is on constant high alert too. Give it a hand. Keep your fluids up to support your physical barriers. Probiotics in yoghurt can strengthen healthy bacteria and activate our immune response . Amino acids in protein help multiply our immune cells to defend and exterminate. They also strengthen our intestinal barrier against nasties. Anti-oxidants have demonstrated anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties to help keep pathogens at bay so they can’t replicate and run amok. These are found almost exclusively in fruit and vegetables.
So this winter, don't ditch healthy. Keep up your winter defences with fresh juices, smoothies and protein.