Boost up your immune system

Strangely enough, flu season is always with us. Summer flus arrive during the Northern hemisphere’s winter, and when our winter temperatures drop, we can too. So what can we do when we’re surrounded by airborne nasties?

The Human Coronavirus has been responsible for the common cold and influenza for millennia, and yet this year’s (2019-nCoV) appears to be particularly virulent.

While it’s spread and mutation patterns are yet to be determined, those who have fallen victim (so far) have all been immunocompromised. This is a valuable point as the body’s immune system is our single most important means of defence.

How do we strengthen our immunity?

Firstly, stay well hydrated. This keeps the mucous membrane in the respiratory system strong and supple so it’s able to trap and eradicate the nasties so infections can’t develop.

Similarly, stay well nourished. White blood cells need a myriad of vitamins and minerals to operate optimally. Replace just one unhealthy daily habit with another that will nurture your body e.g. could you swap your afternoon coffee with a turmeric latte? Maybe replace a soda with a kombucha & fresh fruit combo?

Sometimes it’s the small things that you do regularly which make all the difference.

And don’t forget Vitamin C. If you are already coughing into your arm, washing your hands and staying away from crowds, raise your intake of Vitamin C to mega doses as the ultimate anti-viral.

Natural sources include parsley, capsicum, citrus, green leafy veggies, figs and summer stone fruit.

While it can be tricky to dodge the lurgy when it seems like everyone else is falling sick, remember to strengthen your internal defences with nature’s medicine cupboard – fruit, vegetables and water.