Tasty Ways to Stay Hydrated this Summer!

Do you drink enough water? Dehydration is a common presentation in my clinic, and many clients tell me they drink only 2 glasses of water per day. This just isn’t enough. We lose up to a litre daily just breathing so it’s no wonder that many of us don’t reach the 2 or 3 litres recommended (for adult females and males respectively).

Foods can contribute to our fluid intake, especially fruit. During summer when we are often exposed to greater temperature fluctuations, it’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger. Consuming fruits with high water content supply us with fluid, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fibre.

The combination of a little natural sugar, electrolytes and fluid helps hydrate the cells, rather than just clearing out the kidneys. In fact the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends this formula to re-hydrate in times of famine. For the rest of us, watery fruits are great for hydrating your brain, energising your body, detoxifying and reducing inflammation.

Tropical fruits also have the benefit of being cooling, and some like watermelon, kiwi, pineapple, paw paw, and mango contain anti-inflammatory compounds. Sip slowly on fluids for maximum benefit. Then you’ll feel quenched, cooled and full.

By eating seasonally this summer, you can enjoy hydrating fruits as both a satisfying drink and a hydrating food.