It’s that time again

a New Year and a whole load of New Year resolutions. Problem is, most people set high goals which don’t last longer than a few weeks. Statistically, 45-50% of us make a resolution in January, and only 8% are still committed by the end of the year
(1). Resolutions tend to fall into the category of doing more (exercise, eating well) or doing less (smoking, drinking alcohol).
Two of the most popular resolutions are to eat healthier and lose excess weight (2). Done properly, the two are related.
The most common reason for not pursuing a New Year’s resolution is time. As we become busier, discretionary time disappears and so do our best intentions. Another favoured excuse is not having the will power. Set yourself an unachievable goal and both excuses look likely.
One of the best-known ways to reach a goal is to take it step-by-step.
If eating healthier is part of your game plan, start with foundational work. This might mean drinking more water each day – around 2-3 litres for adult females, and 3-4 litres for males (and more for exercise). It might feel like a lot more fluids than you are used to, so take it slowly. Ease into a little more every few days.
Another way to achieve health (for almost all of us) is to consume more fruit and vegetables. Ask yourself, how much fruit did I eat this week? Fruit is bursting with vitamins (vital for life, pun intended), plus fluid and fibre for energy and to keep you regular. Aim for a couple of pieces each day. This might look like a handful of cherries, a few lychees, a medium banana or a small apple.
Veggies are where many of us fail. Consumption of both fruit and veggies correlate with lower overall weight esp. fat, more regular & easier elimination, fewer digestive problems and lower rates of sickness (morbidity). The research is strong on this – we need to eat a predominantly vegetarian diet!
Green veggies are your other BFF. The green means magnesium for energy and chilled-out muscles. Aim for greens at least twice a day. Think pesto toast, mixed lettuce side salads, baby spinach on your sandwich, kale chip snacks, bok choy in your stir-fry. It’s easy. And if eating all those greens seems like a stretch, remember you can even drink them.
Make it easy to adhere to your New Year’s resolutions by taking it step-by-step and giving yourself small goals to meet so you won’t become a statistic.