Follow these 5 tips to speed up your exercise recovery

In many ways, your exercise recovery routine is just as important as your exercise regimen itself. With the right recovery strategy, you can help relieve muscle soreness, reduce fatigue, and help prevent serious injuries.

Fortunately, there are proven ways to make sure that you recover effectively from your next workout. From getting enough sleep to following a nutritious diet or massaging your muscles, here are five tips to boost your post-workout recovery.


Get enough sleep

If you aren’t getting the correct amount of sleep each night, your exercise performance and recovery could suffer. That’s because sleep serves as the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, giving you energy and improving your immune system. Adults should aim for eight hours per night to facilitate effective exercise recovery (and boost overall health).


Keep a nutritious diet

Similarly, following a well-balanced diet will help in all facets of your physical health – including your post-working recovery. Every day, you should try to consume a mix of carbohydrates, protein, and fat from each of the five food groups. However, you don’t have to get all of your nutrients from food. In fact, you can get many key vitamins and minerals from cold-pressed juices and juice shots.


Have a post-workout snack

As we’ve mentioned, getting enough carbohydrates and protein in your diet is essential for your exercise recovery – but it can be particularly beneficial right after you work out. In fact, eating a healthy snack after working up a sweat can help you rebuild muscle proteins and speed up your recovery. Post-exercise snacks like protein balls or chickpea salads are delicious and excellent sources of carbs and protein.


Stay hydrated

Along with eating and sleeping well, staying hydrated is another crucial pillar of post-exercise recovery. Not only does this include drinking enough water (usually at least 2 litres per day) in the lead-up to your exercise session, but it also includes consuming enough fluids after your workout. For most people, that means drinking one and a half times the fluid lost while exercising (over a period of several hours).



Look after your muscles

To speed up your recovery even more, you’ll want to give your muscles extra care and attention after a big workout. There are plenty of simple ways to do this, like by using a foam roller, getting a massage, or taking an ice bath. Alternatively, you can try an “active recovery” workout (like walking or swimming), which aids in muscle repair and toxin elimination.

With these five tips, you can set yourself up for a faster recovery and keep your body ready for your next workout. But remember that it’s important to check with your doctor before making any changes to your meal or exercise plan.

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