How to prepare for a juice cleanse - what you need to know

Preparation is the key to success. After all, “You do not rise to the level of your goals, you will fall to the level of your systems” (James Clear - Atomic Habits). Considered preparation is vital when establishing new habits, including when preparing for a juice cleanse. Juiced Life shares 3 easy ways to prepare for a juice cleanse and establish systems that will help optimise the results of your cleanse. 


Prepare your body

In the days leading up to your juice cleanse, give your body a head start and help it ease into its new routine. 

We recommend increasing your daily water consumption. A well-hydrated body will help optimise detox and lymphatic drainage, nutrient absorption and your general sense of wellbeing. Opt for a light diet of healthy foods too. This will help your body adapt and stave off hunger cravings - especially pesky sugar cravings that creep up. 

If you are used to consuming caffeine daily, we highly recommend easing off the caffeine a week or two before you commence the juice cleanse. Our bodies can easily become physically addicted to caffeine, even if we consume just one cup of coffee a day. Take time to wean yourself off to avoid frustrating withdrawal headaches. You may also have a physiological dependence on your daily coffee and psychological associations attached to the routine and ritual. Try substituting your coffee with a decaf option, turmeric latte or switch to herbal tea so you can still enjoy the ritual but without the caffeine hit.

Prepare your kitchen

A well-prepared environment will help you stay motivated and keep on track. Take time to prepare your kitchen and home by removing undesired temptations and clearing space for your juices. Dispose of or store away any processed foods, alcohol and pantry staples that won’t be needed during your cleanse. Consume or give away perishable items. It’s the perfect opportunity to give your fridge a spring clean at the same time to make room for the delicious assortment of Juiced Life juices! 

Now that you’ve removed what you don’t want, it’s time to set up what you DO want! Refrigerate filtered water, fill up your ice trays and set up a cute herbal tea station with an array of delicious herbal tea options.   

Prepare your calendar

Set yourself up for success by designing your calendar appropriately. It will feel almost impossible to juice cleanse during the festive season or when your friends are treating you to a birthday dinner and night out. 

Instead, clear the calendar of socially indulgent events or hefty work or travel commitments. Make space for activities that help you reduce stress. Schedule a session for gentle daily movement and pencil in time to be around positive, like-minded friends and family who will help encourage and support you through your healthy, cleanse experience. 

A Juiced Life juice cleanse provides a powerful opportunity to welcome detoxification, better health and greater wellbeing into your life. So, give yourself the chance to prepare your body, mind and environment, facilitating the greatest chance of success. You deserve it!