Sparkling Juice

Yep, let’s admit it - sometimes healthy just ain’t tasty. You’ve probably heard about fermented stuff, and maybe you’ve even tried kombucha, but that’s as far as you’ve gone. Well, now is the time to step up.

Fermented food & drinks are the way of the future, for our guts anyway. With so much clean food in our modern world, we’ve forgotten our insides. It’s estimated that we play host to over 1,000 microbes throughout our bodies. The most vulnerable of these microbes are our friendly gut bacteria. Did you know that some bacteria can manufacture vitamin C? Others make fatty acids to help us digest milk. And there is a clear relationship between having the right mix of bacteria and maintaining healthy weight.

Without these friendly foes, our lives would be very uncomfortable indeed. What our little buddies need is plenty of fuel (pre-biotics) and regular exposure to other healthy bacteria (pro-biotics). And this is where fermented foods come in.

Kombucha on its own tastes like a refreshing, sparkling drink but it doesn’t suit everyone. Add some fresh fruit or vegetable juice, and it’s much more palatable, plus there are added health benefits. Fermentation creates carbonation (bubbles), and kombucha/juice combos are a great replacement for soda and other less beneficial fizzy drinks. Choose from fresh apple, orange, pineapple, carrot and beetroot juice.

Why not take a step in the right direction for your guts and try out our new kombucha-juice combinations?