Support your body during a juice cleanse: 3 tips for exercising

Beginning any kind of cleanse will result in numerous changes to your body. While some of these are welcome (and, in fact, may be the reason you’re doing the cleanse in the first place!), others require careful management in order to support your body through a shift in diet and caloric intake. 

Cleanses are short-term experiences that are designed to remove toxins from your diet and bodily systems, supporting optimum function. Juiced Life offers a range of natural juice cleanses that are preservative- and sugar-free, designed by nutritionists to deliver maximum health benefits. 

The benefits of exercising during a cleanse

As you’re consuming fewer calories throughout each day of your cleanse, it’s common to find your energy levels are lower than you’re used to. However, just because you’re cutting out sugar and gluten doesn’t mean you also need to cut out exercise!

Exercising mindfully during your cleanse can help to support your efforts. With physical activity helping to improve digestive function and boost your metabolic rate, exercising can help encourage elimination channels, further helping your detox’s progress.

Above all, it is vital that you listen to your body throughout. Engage in less activity than you normally would to account for the cleanse and always consult a health practitioner if in doubt.

How to exercise during a detox

Here are three ways you can change your exercise routine to suit your body’s capacity during a cleanse.

  1. Opt for low-intensity movement. If you’re used to HIIT workouts, now’s the time to incorporate some low-intensity movement choices into your exercise routine. With a lowered kilojoule intake, you’ll have less energy to burn. Slow, steady cardio, gentle yoga, a moderate cycle - these are all better choices for movement during your detox phase.
  1. Shorten your workouts. Now is not the time for hour-long weights sessions. If you’re undergoing a juice cleanse, aim for shorter workouts to lessen the intensity on your body. Workouts within the 20-30 minute range are the perfect choice for a mid-cleanse sweat.
  1. Pay attention to your body. Cleanses are different for everyone, with our bodies responding individually to a shift in eating habits and the detoxing process. By paying attention to your body as you exercise, you can embrace mindful movement while ensuring you’re supporting its healthy function. Pay close attention to signs of fatigue or light-headedness, pausing for a rest when needed. 

How else can I support my body during a cleanse?

Alongside thoughtful, measured exercise, there are a number of simple ways you can provide your body with support through your cleanse. 

Staying hydrated is crucial, as this will help your kidneys flush out toxins and keep your digestion on track. 

Adequate sleep is also of great benefit during cleanses, helping to keep you on track, full of energy and ready for each day. Keeping your bedroom quiet, dark and calm can help you to rest at the end of each cleanse day. Sleeping well also reduces inflammation, which is of great benefit when your body’s in the midst of ridding itself of unwanted toxins.

Embracing the juice cleanse

Cleansing and detoxing can be a powerful gift for our bodies, eliminating toxins that give them an opportunity to reset and function at their best. Juiced Life’s juice cleanses make it easier than ever to undertake nutritionist-designed cleanses that deliver long-term health benefits. Dive into a new cleanse today!