Why we recommend gulping a juice shot with your meal

We’re big fans of doing shots.

No, not the kind that are often done at 2 am, resulting in an expensive Uber trip home and a full weekend of recovery before Monday morning rolls around.

The shots we’re happy to do on a daily basis? Juice shots!

Juice shots are an incredible way to rapidly deliver liquid vitamins and minerals in their easiest form, providing an instant boost right when you need it. Whether you’re looking for an extra hit of nutritional fuel for your body and your brain, or your body needs some extra help in recovering from poor consumption choices, juice shots are the tool to reach for.

Liquid nutrients are the easiest to digest for our bodies. Our juice shots are designed to deliver concentrated fresh fruit and vegetables with a rush of therapeutic superfoods. Whether your tastebuds prefer you to sip them or to slurp them, downing a daily shot before a meal or before training can spark digestion, boost your energy and increase your immunity.

Why are juice shots so powerful?

Alongside a balanced and varied diet, juice shots bring an intense, concentrated serving of the superfoods that can improve and optimise your physical wellbeing. As they’re in liquid form, they also help to limit bloating and discomfort, without sacrificing nutrients and benefits. Each of our shots is designed to deliver maximum benefit by strategically pairing ingredients to ensure maximum results. For example, black pepper paired with turmeric improves absorption, while lemon juice delivered alongside juiced green vegetables helps to boost iron uptake. All of our shots are filled to the brim with powerful antioxidants that activate your defence mechanisms against life’s stresses. With no ugly preservatives or additives, you can down a shot whenever you need a lift. 

How to make the most of juice shots

There’s a reason we call them shots! Juice shots are strong, concentrated, and highly nutritious. They work to achieve your desired health goals, making the most of punchy nutrients that aren’t likely to be included in other drinks you may be consuming. 

Ingredients like fresh ginger, cayenne pepper and turmeric elevate the nutritional value of our juice shots, ensuring key nutrients are delivered quickly and in an easily digestible manner. 

A number of these flavours don’t play nice with too many other ingredients, and are often left out of larger juices that are designed for drinking. To solve this problem, we’ve shrunk them into quick shots that can be downed in an instant. Some of the more noticeable ingredient flavours are added into your regular diet without impact on your enjoyment.

Why we recommend taking a juice shot with your meals

Do you experience indigestion after eating (like heaviness, flatulence, discomfort, heartburn or reflux)? It’s time to call in the professionals. Our digestive shots will ramp up your digestive system before you consume a main meal. If you take a juice shot 10-20 minutes before eating, you’ll stimulate saliva, wake up your digestive enzymes and create movement in your stomach acids that lead to a stress-free meal. 

Shots are also a great portion-controlled way to increase your energy. Maybe you’re in need of an anytime pick-me-up. Or you might be trying to stimulate your appetite when taking nausea-inducing medication - juice shots can work with your body in a healing manner to increase your energy levels and encourage regular eating. 

Our top three juice shot recommendations: the Digestive Fire shot (try it as a dressing on your salads!), My Recovery (perfect if you’ve over-indulged) and My Immune Boost (strengthen your defences any time of the year). 

Shots! Shots! Shots!