Shots are a great boost to energy, immunity, digestion and nutrients. Think of them as a liquid multivitamin which we need every day. Water-soluble vitamins don’t hang around in the body as they can’t be stored in fat, so we need to replace them regularly.

A multivitamin tablet contains loads of vitamins and minerals, however just like food, it needs to be digested. If your digestion isn’t great, then you’ll miss out on some of the benefits of a tablet. A liquid multivitamin on the other hand, requires much less digestion. It’s easier to extract the goodness, and nutrients are delivered more quickly to cells.

Consider a shot a day to maintain good health.
Shots are only 50ml so they don’t replace a meal. You can down a shot anytime of the day without affecting your appetite. However, a juice shot before food is the best way to consume some of our stronger tastes. My Digestive Fire is hot hot hot, so really should be followed up with a snack or meal to dilute all those beneficial acids and optimise that digestive boost.

In our new Grab n Go Power Packs, we’ve done the work for you by including a variety of fresh raw nuts and a Power Ball to satisfy your cravings. Enough protein to satisfy your tastebuds, but not too much to ruin your appetite, this pack delivers high quality ingredients for your next snack attack.