How was lock-down for you?

Were you pounding the streets, sweat pouring out of every cell, drinking carbon-neutral vegetable juices and eating only ingredients with a pedigree? Or maybe it was more like option B: enthusiastically discovering every bar of chocolate known to mankind while binge-watching the few series you haven’t already seen?

It’s been trying times for most of us, and stress can bring out the best (or worst) in all of us. So how about a new angle?
Start now. Seriously, from the next breath. No more procrastinating.
Taking a deep breath has been shown to help us relax. It takes us out of the fight n flight state, into the rest n digest state, which promotes longevity. It’s also when our immune system is strongest. When we’re relaxed, we’re not running on adrenalin and are able to access thoughts and memories more widely. Ever had a fright and found that you just can’t think?
So take a slow deep breath and chill out for a moment. Now think about how you have been treating your body lately. Too much of the bad, too little of the good?

Most of us know what is good for us, and what isn’t. Although it’s not Christmas, take a moment to make a wish list of how your perfect body would look like. More upper body muscle? Less energy storage on the thighs? Now write a list of just 5 things that will help achieve that body. It might look like more filtered water, less chocolate after dinner, moving more while working, or just being kinder to yourself.

Each week we’ll look at one healthy habit and why it makes sense to incorporate it into your lifestyle.