More easily said than done, exercise is one of life’s bugbears. We all know it’s better to exercise than not, but how do you start?
If you’ve become a sloth during this pandemic, you’re not alone. Depression and anxiety have tripled over the past few months , and these mental states aren’t conducive to getting out and about. Coupled with colder cloudy weather, and many of us are in full hibernation mode. So how to get motivated?

KISS. Keep It Simple. Find ways to start moving that fit into your existing schedule. If you are house-bound, simple weights like a bag of unopened rice or beans will give you enough resistance to develop a beginner’s routine. Moving less weights more often (like 2kg repeated 10 times) will build muscle tone and begin breaking down fat. There’s no need to impress anyone with how much you can lift, repetition is the key. Leave your weights somewhere convenient and obvious so you don’t forget. In the loungeroom in front of TV is a useful place, and there are an outrageous number of videos to show you how to lift properly. And the bonus is that you’re less likely to hurt yourself with less weight.

If cardio is more your friend, then find somewhere you can powerwalk or jog safely. My local park is full of joggers but so are the dips and holes so maybe along the road on a quiet street is a safer bet. I try not to jog at night as it’s harder to see the potholes and twisting an ankle is not the aim here.
Maybe you are a star of the dancefloor? This can be amazing exercise and raises endorphins faster than just about anything else. To feel good about dancing, dial up some upbeat music and get moving. Be creative and try to move every part of your body (upper and lower) in imaginative ways. Get your heartbeat up and dance until you drop, or close to.

Remember that you need to take responsibility for your health and your body. Know your limits and consider any injuries or ailments you have first. Consult a professional if unsure.

It’s easy to think about exercising but taking it step-by-step, it can be easy to commence exercising too, especially if you make it fun.