A little Zing between your meals!

Feeling peckish? Don’t give into temptation – pick up a snack that will give you what your body needs.

It’s easy to become a slave to our tastebuds. Chocolate, sweets, salted and crunchy – these options aren’t going to do you any favours. Convenience foods add to your acid burden and must be buffered with alkalising minerals from either your food or those stored in your bones. It’s far easier and safer to use snacks to replenish these nutrient stores in your body, while reducing your dietary acid load.

Our new Power Packs are full of goodness for a quick shot of health on-the-go. Complete with bite, crunch and something juicy, these packs are designed to satisfy. Juice Shots give you a concentrated boost of nutrients. Our Power Balls feed your hunger with a tasty bite-sized treat made from all natural almonds, cacao, coconut and dates. They are some of the healthiest, tastiest balls around.

Fresh raw nuts deliver a powerhouse of healthy fats and protein for energy and brain power. Unsaturated fats promote flexibility and fluidity so our dietary building blocks can easily enter cells, and wastes and toxins can leave. Feed your brain with the right fats and not only does it work more seamlessly, but it will protect it from damage in the future. And lubricating your entire digestive tract allows uninterrupted movement from start to finish. This is most important if your bowels are a little sluggish.

Power Packs are the option for quick, preservative-free, tasty snacks.