Juice shots are strong, concentrated and very therapeutic. They help achieve desired health goals with punchy nutrients that aren’t usually included in other drinks e.g. fresh ginger, cayenne, turmeric. Some ingredients are strongly heating, some are quite sour, and others bite back.  They don’t assimilate easily into larger juices for drinking so we have shrunk them into a quick shot. They can be sipped or slurped depending on your tastebuds.

If you experience indigestion after eating - like heaviness, flatulence, discomfort, heartburn/reflux - then you might need some help.  Our digestive shots will ramp up your digestion before a main meal. Take 10-20 minutes before eating to stimulate saliva, digestive enzymes and stomach acids for a stress-free meal.

Shots are also a great portion-controlled way to boost your energy.  They can also be used to stimulate appetite when medication causes nausea, or as an anytime pick-me-up.  Why not use the Digestive Fire shot as a dressing for your salads?