Celery Juice is on the Menu, Seriously?

Celery is well known for weight loss but what’s the sudden interest in celery juice?

Our customers have asked, and we’ve delivered. They want straight celery juice, both stalks and leaves, nothing else. Now if you haven’t tried it, celery juice is quite an acquired taste, so it’s usually offered up in a mixed veggie juice. So why just plain celery?

Many of our customers quote just one man, Anthony William, the Medical Medium. There have been published medical studies on celery for decades, and yet this one American has been instrumental in bringing celery back into fashion.

Celery contains apigenin which starves disease-producing pathogens and reduces inflammation. It has been shown to inhibit botulism and Listeria growth in ready-made meals, kill the nasty gut bug Helicobacter pylori, and demonstrated protective effects with chemotherapy drugs.

It contains a large amount of insoluble fibre to fill you up, feed your gut bacteria and act as an intestinal broom. Celery is high in minerals to help hydrate your cells, resulting in better energy and stress management, and improved brain and muscle function. It also contains the ingredients for gastric acid to improve digestion, immunity and general health.

While the Medical Medium believes celery treats cancer, autoimmunity, skin conditions, poor liver function and much more, modern science is yet to validate many of these claims. However, celery juice is safe, therapeutic and nutritional and can be incorporated into your daily juice fix – with or without other veggies to please your palate.