The benefits of a juice cleanse and how often you should do one

There's no time like the present to prioritise health and wellbeing. Learn about the brilliant benefits of juice cleansing and how often to add a juice cleanse into your regime below.


Why juice cleanse?

Juice cleanses provide our digestive systems with an opportunity to rest and recover. There are a number of powerful benefits to be gained by juice cleansing - here we look at four of their greatest perks.



Hydration is key to maintaining our health, wellbeing and organ function. During a juice cleanse, you'll not only be drinking your recommended 8-10 glasses of filtered water per day, but you will also receive an extra hydration boost from the water found naturally in fruits and vegetables. Your organs, body functions, and skin will thank you for it!


Rest for the digestive system, improve gut health and reduce bloating

We all need a break from time to time, and that includes our digestive systems. By only consuming fruits, vegetables, water and clear beverages, your digestive system will have a chance to rest and reset. Instead of working overtime breaking down hard-to-digest foods, your gut will have the chance to process and eliminate backed up food waste. As a result, your body will more effectively absorb nutrients and will leave you feeling lighter, cleaner and healthier.


Reduce food cravings

Juice cleanses provide such a high dose of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, including natural sugars, so our cravings for starchy or sugary foods will diminish as a result. The pause in regular routine also helps break bad habits, like reaching for the 3 pm biscuit! You'll be more in tune with your natural hunger signals and your body's needs in general.


Improve mental clarity and mental health

Fueling your body with high doses of clean, vitamin and mineral-rich juices helps you operate at your best. A juice cleanse program removes the mental load of meal choices and decision fatigue, helping you focus on the things that you really want to, like achieving your goals and feeling your absolute best. You'll feel more energised, sleep more soundly and think more clearly!


How often should we do a juice cleanse?

Traditionally, cleanses were incorporated at every change of season; they signal an opportunity to reset and renew. It is a smart way of ensuring regularly scheduled health maintenance. Sadly, in our modern lifestyle with higher levels of stress, pollution, toxins and overscheduled lifestyles, the stress on our bodies is greater than ever before.


Juiced Life's in-house nutritionist, Fiona, says that a good rule of thumb is to do a juice cleanse at the beginning of every month. With regular juice cleanses, there's no need to attempt long cleanses or dangerous water fasts. She says, "As days 3 & 4 are sometimes the hardest, a 5-7 day cleanse is valuable once you get over the hump day. However, if you are new to juicing, start slowly with just one day at a time. Mostly it's the psychological aspect which we need to control when commencing a new regime."


So whether you start with a one day cleanse or incorporate a full week juice cleanse, strive to maintain the regularity of a monthly cleanse and see, feel and enjoy the vast and lasting results. Get started on your juice cleansing journey today and explore the great range of delicious and well-balanced programs of JuicedLife here.