Why Juice?


Juicing gives you lots of concentrated vitamins & minerals in a tasty, convenient form made from fruit & vegetables. No additives. No preservatives. Made fresh for you. Best to sip slowly on your juice so your digestive system can absorb the nutrients. Replace just one snack each day with a juice and you’ll notice the difference.

Yes, you can eat the fruit and vegetables yourself, but do you?


Plant foods are overwhelmingly higher in anti-oxidants than animal products. Anti-oxidants occur naturally in plants as their means of protection. The fact that we humans can benefit from these compounds is a bonus.

Some anti-oxidants like Vitamin C are heat-sensitive, meaning they are easily destroyed by heat. The role of anti-oxidants is to prevent oxidation and free radical damage. The longer an anti-oxidant is exposed to the air, heat and light, the fewer anti-oxidants are left.

Pre-made juices may have abundant anti-oxidants at the time of juicing. However, research suggests they can deteriorate even under refrigeration within a few minutes. A juice freshly squeezed at the beginning of the day, isn’t the same nutritionally as one that has been sitting around waiting for you to purchase it.

Mixed ingredients in a juice can split or discolour with time. Additives can prevent this happening, but they are often detrimental to our health. Blended juices also have the advantage of whole fruit goodness including bioflavonoids and fibre found in pulp. Pre-made juices often remove the cloudy pulp for aesthetic purposes. As with anything in life, fresh is best.